I use a few mods and CC items to enrich my game, and would like to pay full credit to them here. I’ll get the nRaas and store links when my internet gets less jankity. 🙂


nRaa’s Master Controller
nRaa’s Woohooer
nRaa’s Decensor
nRaa’s Overwatch
nRaa’s Story Progression

Custom Content:

Skins by Joedy
Escand’s Oh my eyes!
Eyelashes by S-club

Custom Content by Sim:

Nina Caliente: Hair from The Store
Vodka Belue: Hair from The Store
Pandora Belue: Hair from The Store, Dress by Anubis360
Scarlett Belue: Hair by Elexis
Julia Willow: Eyeliner from TSR

Visiting Sims:

Malix Montigo by Nay

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