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5-1: Strangetown, Strange Memories

Over four generations, the Belue family had learned exactly four things: First, that ladderless pools are far more lethal than electrocution. Second, that murder earns true love and hefty scholarships. Third, that love triangles are a pain in the ass … Continue reading

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2-5: Intergalactic Tourism

Hospitality is often said to be a great attribute of the citizens of Pleasantview, sneaking in before their promiscuity and after their excellent home brewed beer. This rumor is fact to all who read It’s Always Pleasant in Pleasantview!, a … Continue reading

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Second Gen Uni Outtakes + Teaser

I don’t know how many of you keep up with this thread, but in case you don’t know, I’m planning a post-uni timeskip in the next chapter and diving into something crazy and daunting: a plot. It shouldn’t take me … Continue reading

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2-4: The Frat Boy Belues

THREE CHEERS FOR DAD PUNS! ANYWHO… “I’m putting my bags upstairs,” Berkley had said, “and then we’re remodeling the house. Before you know it, this place is going to be wild. Party fuckin’ central.” “Wild?” Bender choked. “I didn’t come … Continue reading

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2-2: She’s a Teenage Dirtbag, Baby

I swear that my fucking air conditioner is broken. On the upside, I’ve just finished making a great playlist; this might become my writing music. Techno, shoegazing, heartbroken indie rock voices? Helll yes. But enough on my teenage life. It’s … Continue reading

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2-1: Chutes and Ladders

There comes a point in each legacy in which leadership must be passed from one generation to the next. Often, this moment is one of great pride for the family-in the common view, it is seen as a milestone towards … Continue reading

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Closing the heir vote…

Well, I don’t feel like I’m going to be getting anymore votes on the poll, and it’s a two way tie, so I think I’m going to pull a little tiebreaker. But you won’t find out the winner until next … Continue reading

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