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4-9: Can I Get Get Get (To Know You Better)

Nature’s bells hold a calming quality, but to a certain man begrudgingly attached to his computer, the cliche failed inside the gust of an icicle breeze. Still Watson trudged on. He had much to think about, and his house lacked … Continue reading

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2-1: Chutes and Ladders

There comes a point in each legacy in which leadership must be passed from one generation to the next. Often, this moment is one of great pride for the family-in the common view, it is seen as a milestone towards … Continue reading

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1-7: Return of the Bad Luck Birthday

Yeah, I always think I’m much busier than I actually am. 😦 The twins’ birthday, while rendering them slightly more interesting (and also made them into bears!), ushered in an air of hushed anxiety. “Remember the last one?” Bridget whispered … Continue reading

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1-5: Coughing Up Rings

Whelp, apparently I have a very busy weekend ahead of me, so I’ll be updating maaybe. I play as far as I update, so unless I can squirrel away some late night Simming hours, this weekend might be a lonely … Continue reading

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1-4: Bad Luck Birthday

It is approximately twelve thirty in the morning, and I am feeling incredibly sleepy, but yet another chapter calls my name. Why? Because I just saw Troll 2 for the second time, and I feel the need to write something … Continue reading

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