Further Reading

Some of the coolest Sims legacy/story blogs out there. If you’d like your blog listed just leave a comment!

Alice and Kev

Chasing Rainbows



Fortune & Romance



Ivory Butterfly

JBFairybird’s Sim Stories

Montigo Tango

Oh Lord Legacy

Rated R For Language

Spectra – A Modest Rainbowcy

Story of the Rain

Strangetown, Here We Come

The Cortez Legacy

The Danevbie Legacy

The Imprudence of Sons and Money

The Middleton Legacy

The Party People! The Legacy of Nakaiya Jonso

The Ravenwood Legacy

The Southern Prettacy

The Withywindle Legacy


My Tumblr

7 Responses to Further Reading

  1. ignitemyspark says:

    ily forever for putting me here ❤

    You got my link wrong though: http://ignitemysparks.wordpress.com/

  2. Thanks for listing me! I got some traffic…

  3. AliciaRain says:

    Thank you for listing me as well… I didn’t know I was actually getting attention out there… Many, Many thanks.

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