Table of Contents

Generation One
Bridget Belue

In which an unpleasant woman dreams of usurping Indiana Jones

1-1: In Which Bridget Becomes An Unwitting Golddigger
1-2: Einstein Makes a Cameo
1-3: The Four Bs
1-4: Bad Luck Birthday
1-5: Coughing Up Rings
1-6: First Last Days
1-7: Return of the Bad Luck Birthday
1-8: But For Me, It Was Tuesday

Generation Two
Bender Belue
In which an alcoholic man is impregnated by curious tourists

2-1: Chutes and Ladders
2-2: She’s a Teenage Dirtbag, Baby
2-3: Bender Drinks Vodka and Stuff
2-4: The Frat Boy Belues
2-5: Intergalactic Tourism
2-6: Apocalypse Incoming
2-7: The Media Monster
2-8: The Boy Who Waited

Extras: University Outtakes

Generation Three
Vodka & Pandora Belue
In which two sisters argue over a totally whizzer vampire

3-1: City Eyes
3-2: Zombie For Coffee
3-3: The Saddest Elevator
3-4: A Chat Over Vodka
3-5: Pandora’s Box
3-6: Heartbeats
3-7: Interlude

Extras: The World According To Bender


Generation Four
Watson Belue

In which a confused man learns about life, the universe, and everything

4-1: PSA Today
4-2: The Sun Sets On Sunset Valley
4-3: The Family Business
4-4: Fairy Tail
4-5: The Contraceptive Crisis Isn’t Averted
4-6: When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Vodka
4-7: Fatherhood
4-8: Ch-ch-ch-changes
4-9: Can I Get Get Get (To Know You Better)
4-10: All There Is To Know About Michelangelo
4-11: John and Watson
4-12: The Bad Luck Birthday Strikes Back

Extras: Daisy Goes Jersey Shore / A Belue Family Video


Generation Five
Elizabeth Belue

5-1: Strangetown, Strange Memories

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  1. “In which an half alien girl hates life, the universe, and everything”

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