Bag a Belue!

Downloads of the Belues!

Generation one isn’t up for grabs, though, since they were kind of on The Sims 2 and all… Maybe I’ll recreate Bridget and Berkley and Blair (and maybe Louis so he can GRAB SOME PEELZ), but I’m laaaazy. ^^;

1/13/13: I’ll add the character descriptions for the various Belues (fourth generation onwards) as their storylines wrap up.

Generation Two

Bender Belue

Bender killed his parents before puberty, which made him into an orphan and got him great scholarships. He was abducted by alien college students, and gave birth to a little green girl, Vodka. Later he married fellow double murderess, Nina Caliente, and devoted his life to drinking and robots.

Nina Caliente

After Nina’s relationship with Don Lothario went out with a bang, she sought refuge at the Belue home, had Bender’s baby, and then went to prison for a good long while, which didn’t suit her well. Thankfully, she got better.

Generation Three

Vodka Belue

With much misanthropy at her disposal, Vodka decided at birth that Earth was inhabited by idiots. She loved her sister, however, and kept their family together through moves, chatty elevators, and botched suicide attempts. Unfortunately, she was informed that her end was nigh by an amoral vampire, which made her into a very sad alien indeed.

Pandora Belue

Pandora learned English from her own imagination, which resulted in quite a bit of confusing dialogue. She gained an intense fear of scrubs as a child, and decided to devote her adult life to eradicating them from existence and playing baseball with a certain vampire.

Generation Four


Watson Belue


Scarlett Belue


Daisy Belue

Daisy loved money and proper behavior, none of which ever got her laid. After a great deal of complaining about nothing and a nasty spray tan, Daisy finally won over misogynist master Chester under the watchful eye of Angus, the cowplant, and promptly abandoned her eccentric family. Now I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger…


Rose Belue

Rose was raised mostly by her senile, alcoholic grandfather, and her guiltier than cheesecake aunt. Due to these guardian complications, she leapt off the deep end at six months old, and spent her life gardening, loving sheep, and tending a cowplant, whose existence eventually lost her her home, and what remained of her sanity.


Julia Willow

Julia’s patriotic fervor brought her to Watson’s doorstep with a mission for maternity. Unfortunately, she researched about as well as a straight edge at a warehouse rave, and was sorely disappointed when Watson turned out to be not only stolid as a rock, but related to her race’s mortal enemy, as well.

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  1. jonso says:

    I love your character summaries. 🙂

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