A Dove of a Different Color

Hey guys! Just popping in to say that my rainbowcy, A Dove Of a Different Color, is live on technicolordove.wordpress.com! I really hope you enjoy it, fair warning, though, it’s fairly different from the Belues.

Speaking of the Belues, I hope to have the next chapter up by next weekend! Spring break starts, and my life will be sort of kind of not really free for an entire week. 😀

In conclusion:


Watson’s getting his sass on. 🙂

About Anonymous Miss

Madison was dreamed up a little east of the middle of nowhere, and was assembled a few blocks away from that. As her shelf life has worn on, she has developed a deep love for writing, style, art, emoticons, cute boys, and videogames-particularly The Sims. She hopes you enjoy her humble blog. Cheers. :D
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