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Now that I have University, I’m suddenly torn between plots for Elizabeth, and would love some help from you guys! Both sound enormously fun. Determine Elizabeth’s fate┬áby clicking the link. Also, I’m trying to get a new chapter out this … Continue reading

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4-10: All There is to Know About Michelangelo

“No, no, no,” said Scarlett through her grilled cheese sandwich. Somewhere six feet under, Bridget Belue exploded into a flurry of mislead fury. Her dad’s prophecy fell apart somewhere inside Scarlett’s intestines, and somewhere six feet under, Bridget cried. Scarlett … Continue reading

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A Dove of a Different Color

Hey guys! Just popping in to say that my rainbowcy, A Dove Of a Different Color, is live on! I really hope you enjoy it, fair warning, though, it’s fairly different from the Belues. Speaking of the Belues, I … Continue reading

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4-9: Can I Get Get Get (To Know You Better)

Nature’s bells hold a calming quality, but to a certain man begrudgingly attached to his computer, the cliche failed inside the gust of an icicle breeze. Still Watson trudged on. He had much to think about, and his house lacked … Continue reading

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