A Belue Family Video

This one’s for Sharona! You keep posting all of those adorable Van videos, so I thought I’d share one of Watson and John being…not so cute. But cute nonetheless (because it’s them, obviously!).

Other news.. I’ve got some good playing done this week, and have the next few chapters played and plotted! Elizabeth aged up crazy cute, and Scarlett’s son (spoilers! oops.) is HELLA CUTE. He has Malix’s hair color, Panda’s eyes, and a great blend of everyone’s faces. Generation five is going to be adorable. (:

Sneak peeks:


Tony is so cute, I can’t handle it.Screenshot-226

Elizabeth, too!

New chapter should be up next week, or if I’m super industrious, Sunday. 🙂 Hope everyone’s having a great week!

About Anonymous Miss

Madison was dreamed up a little east of the middle of nowhere, and was assembled a few blocks away from that. As her shelf life has worn on, she has developed a deep love for writing, style, art, emoticons, cute boys, and videogames-particularly The Sims. She hopes you enjoy her humble blog. Cheers. :D
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4 Responses to A Belue Family Video

  1. Insanee Pandaa says:

    I gotta say, my most favored generation was Bender because of his outright disturbing personality that made you fall in love with him!! 😮
    But in this one, I loved Scarlett, I thought she was an absolutely, amazingly gorgeous and unique Sim, in both the way you wrote her character and her frigging funniness!! ^_^ I’ma miss them D:
    Freaking hell, every time you move onto a new generation, I kinda get all saddy….
    Ah well, By the way it’s good to see you back!
    Freaking love this Legacy.
    And holy crap… Tony… Mmmm……
    >_> Im not… you know… falling for a pixelated character…. durdurdurdurudur….

    • Thank you so much! You are so sweet(: It’s great to be back.

      I love Scarlett, too, oh man. She’s kind of my favorite (next to Bender, of course)… I’ll miss this generation so much, too! They’re a blast to write, and I love playing with the dynamics between them.This next generation seems really promising (TONY!!), but it’ll be painful to leave these guys behind!

  2. jonso says:

    Hmmm, intriguing and mysterious video. What is going on there? John randomly passed out in their house while Daisy is serenading? 😀 Tony is indeed hot! And Elizabeth is going to be a looker too with those big eyes.

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