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The Belues are going on vacation.

Instead of simply disappearing for two months, I am formally announcing this Belue hiatus. I am so sorry for the delay-I was cast in our school’s production of Almost Maine, participating in our One Act play, trying to keep up … Continue reading

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4-7: Fatherhood

Before Young Watson’s fingers could even brush the doorknob, Malix threw open the front door and drenched his son with enough rain and darkness to turn the Mojave Desert into a rainforest. “Christ, Dad,” said Young Watson, words still slurred. … Continue reading

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4-6: When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Vodka

Young Watson bit his lip. The teapot whistled, Scarlett’s boyfriend hissed, and a low growl shook the house more than a gorilla who has skipped breakfast. He thought, a bit too late, that perhaps the kitchen wasn’t the best place … Continue reading

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All I can say is YES. YESSSSSS! I am all over this shit.

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4-5: The Contraceptive Crisis isn’t Averted

It was not often that Young Watson smiled, and even rarer that he legitimately enjoyed himself. He spent the great majority of his time mulling over life’s lesser footnotes. “The little things are what make a great novel,” he liked … Continue reading

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Extra: Daisy Goes Jersey Shore

So I was working on shots for the next update and feeling a trifle bored with Julia and Young Watson’s incessant “ooh la la”ing in the words of the great Panda Belue and decided to send Scarlett and Daisy to … Continue reading

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4-4: Fairy Tail

Under the burning lights of a city crumbling, an unnatural war raged between the meandering eyes of the blind and the omniscient. Cold, undead hands lingered over exhaustive battle plans, and glimmering, spying wings fluttered past their windows, desperate for … Continue reading

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