3-7: Interlude

“I changed my mind. This deal’s wrong. The graveyard was wrong. You were wrong.”

“I thought if you two could share me, you’d refrain from killing each other.”

“Sex isn’t going to solve anything, Malix, but there’s not a damn thing in this miserable world that would stop you.”

“Who in the hell had a cabbage patch baby on our doorstep?”

“The baby’s green? Vodka? Vodka!”

“Vodka’s gone, Pandora. She’s hit the high-fucking-road to space hell.”

“All these kids have the same father?”

“Dad, please…”

“I’m too old for judging, and don’t worry too much about what Vods would’ve thought-I’m sure that ghosts are a whole load of horse shit. Haven’t you been watching the television?”

“Good morning, sunshine.”

“For a moment, I dreamed I was dying.”

“It’s time to wake up.”


Stars – “Calendar Girl

A/N: ^ I feel like the song above perfectly sums up this generation.. Minus the elevator, of course. I think that guy deserves a whole playlist of his own. Speaking of the elevator, I’m thinking of bringing him back for generation four. He was a cool dude.

ANYWHO…this chapter just didn’t seem to work as a full chapter. These images felt much more powerful when not coupled with lots of writing. I hope it was satisfactory.. If anything is unclear, I will answer any questions. There’ll hopefully be some extras with Bender coming up. I’ve got loads of pictures, so I’ll try to post it when I can.

I’m going to focus much more on the overarching plot this next gen, but unfortunately, that means that I’m going to hold off on the heir poll until a few chapters in. I want everyone to get to know each of the new Belues before deciding which one to follow.

In conclusion:


“Whizzer, Dad! Can’t you see I’m popping out a baby?”

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Madison was dreamed up a little east of the middle of nowhere, and was assembled a few blocks away from that. As her shelf life has worn on, she has developed a deep love for writing, style, art, emoticons, cute boys, and videogames-particularly The Sims. She hopes you enjoy her humble blog. Cheers. :D
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25 Responses to 3-7: Interlude

  1. thenay83 says:

    I’m confused..

    • Basically, he hooks up with both of them to keep them happy, but Vodka is upset and leaves. She leaves her child at the doorstep and dies very soon afterwards. Pandora is traumatized by all of this, especially after having children of her own, and goes over the edge after seeing Vodka’s ghost. She tries to kill herself, but Malix gets her back on her feet.

      Sorry that was so confusing. 😦

      • thenay83 says:

        Damn it! YOU KILLED VODS! NOOOOO!!!! *sad face* And you Malix, shame shame for banging them both.. Now you have 4 baby mommas in 2 universes. Now how you gonna pay child support now? LOL Bad Malix. You get a spanking hehehe

        I LOL’d at the bonus shot of Bender while I was on the phone with Tech support. The lady couldn’t understand why was fixing the router so funny.

      • Damn! Malix is really getting around. I get this feeling that someone’s going to have a big fat warrant with his name on it. 😀 He really needs a talking to after all of this.

        Sorry about Vods.. Her time had come. 😦

        Heehee, trolling tech support. I’m glad he gave you some laughs. xD

      • thenay83 says:

        Wrap it up Malix! LOL He has 6 kids in my legacy but you ladies only know about 4 out of the 6 hehehehe. I’m cooking something up.

        I guess Vods’ 7 years were up? It’s sad. I guess this is how it felt when I killed Malix off.

  2. Oh.
    I get it now.


  3. I followed it pretty well but a little more explanation of the bathtub shots might’ve helped. lol. Bad Malix….

    • The bathtub are shots are mostly just flashes to Panda trying to kill herself, except for the two in which she decides that she’ll try it, and the final one in which Malix snaps her out of it. Thank you for reading(:

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  5. Arrowleaf says:

    I got it! :] Well, I didn’t get that she was trying to kill herself in the bathtub. But I got the rest of it. :] I thought she was just taking a bath and while she was washing herself she was getting flooded with flashbacks (like when your brain is idle and it decided to slap you in the face with every stupid thing you’ve done/said ever).

    The pictures were beautiful. Especially the one of her in the bathtub attempting suicide.

    • Thank you! That was my favorite picture, too. It took ages to get the shot right-I’m glad that you liked it, and the chapter made sense. (: I was in quite the surrealist, non sequitr funk, and this chapter helped me get over that hump and back into the swing of things!

  6. jonso says:

    Yeah I got it.. but didn’t know what the bathtub scene was until the third one. Thought it was a mosaic on the wall first. Cool shot. The shot of Vodka curled up = :’-( But old Bender!! ❤ Can't wait to see his grandbbebbies.

  7. Thank got for Malix coming in to save the day! It would’ve been so sad to see Pandora AND Vodka… I wonder what will happen with the baby though? That’ll be interesting to find out!

  8. Madcapp says:

    By the way, where does Malix come from?

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