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3-5: Pandora’s Box

The cake was made of memories. Each twist of the icing, each impeccably placed letter, each twinkling candle sang of a different day, a different teenage emotion. It was rather difficult to sort all of the years out. While she … Continue reading

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3-4: A Chat Over Vodka

In ancient times, man learned through active studies. They conducted much research, and often they were their own test subjects. The experiments were generally on Tuesdays. They were often done to determine man’s relationship to some wild creature or the … Continue reading

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3-3: The Saddest Elevator

Even the most avid wedding goer would have declared it a sorry mess. From the sparsely decorated living room, to the grand meal of macaroni and cheese, ending with the chosen location-the Belues’ apartment, the wedding was sure to have … Continue reading

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3-2: Zombie for Coffee

On the college planet of Gorbodia, a small garbage spaceship hovered above an unobtrusive landing pad east of campus. A window rolled down, and the driver stuck his head out. He began to screech at his friend on the ground, … Continue reading

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3-1: City Eyes

  The whole city smelled funny. Vodka, scowling, realized this as the taxi screeched to a halt outside a tall, brick apartment building. With the opening of the car door, a distinct stench of antidepressants and rosebud perfume washed over … Continue reading

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Brokeconomics – Part One

The year was 2006, and sequestering the impoverished had never been so easy. Not a champagne glass had to be lifted, not a manicured finger pointed. The poor did it themselves these days. A single, self conscious man with a … Continue reading

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