Second Gen Uni Outtakes + Teaser

I don’t know how many of you keep up with this thread, but in case you don’t know, I’m planning a post-uni timeskip in the next chapter and diving into something crazy and daunting: a plot. It shouldn’t take me too much longer to gather pictures, though-Bender only has three more semesters left at uni, and Berkley and Starla each have around four. I should have the chapter finished next week, but until then, here’s some Belue hilarity (that I sadly probably won’t be able to fit in the main story 😦 ):

As Sexy!Starla gets a little pick me up from Mr. Einstein, Bender has a firm desire to punch him down.

A Weasley teaches Berkley the Hogwarts school cheer.

I’ve heard alcoholism is all the rage in Sims State.


Jeez, Bender, back off of Morty! He’s still grieving!

It is my personal goal to make sure Berkley sleeps with everyone in the premade fraternity by the time she graduates.

Ah, college. Schoolwork, binge drinking, and homoerotic friendships. Not that Starla seems to mind.

Sexual Education 101-free of charge!

Come on, guys! Quit porking for two seconds so Weasley here can write your damn term papers!

Worried Bender is so adorable. I just want to give him a hug. 😦

I think this picture speaks for itself. *snickersnicker*


BBC is teaching belly dancing classes, apparently.

It took Starla years of therapy to recover from her near death experience involving a poorly stitched pillow and an unpeeled banana.

“Don’t touch that please, your primitive intellect wouldn’t understand alloys and compositions and things with… molecular structures,” Bender said.

“Hey, I’M Ash!”

“Where’s your bathroom?”

“Shut your fucking ginger mouth!”

Bender seriously hates this guy.

Hardcore photobombing right here.

Poor Bender just can’t handle Sexy!Starla.

I hope you liked the outtakes! I have some hand drawn teasers for the next chapter, but my camera is awful and I don’t have a scanner, so I’ll refrain from posting them here. BUT I will post a screenshot one! πŸ˜€

Have fun guessing! Cheers. πŸ™‚


About Anonymous Miss

Madison was dreamed up a little east of the middle of nowhere, and was assembled a few blocks away from that. As her shelf life has worn on, she has developed a deep love for writing, style, art, emoticons, cute boys, and videogames-particularly The Sims. She hopes you enjoy her humble blog. Cheers. :D
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6 Responses to Second Gen Uni Outtakes + Teaser

  1. Dang I hate waiting ;3

  2. Arrowleaf says:

    I have zero idea what the teasers could mean. D:

  3. Carmen Toza says:

    I have an idea….or a twisted fantasy in my brain lol! Can’t wait!!!

  4. jonso says:

    Yay for university fun! I read the chapter before these, so it was nice for the memories πŸ™‚ Looks like they all had a blast. Was there any actual studying done?!

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