1-2: Einstein Makes a Cameo

Wow, second entry in two days? /don’t have a life


Bridget and Darren quickly set about to breaking in the new house. Feeling a bit bashful about being photographed during the deed, they opted for a classier morning after shot.


 Bridget could hardly stay satisfied for long; the great chimes had spoken, and she was blessed with a terrible bout of morning sickness. Wiping toaster pastry chunks from her chin, she said, “Score one.”

The hormones were already starting to kick in. She felt a deep desire to cheer and cry simultaneously. [insert Sim’s name here]’s car honked outside, however, and so putting her impending pregnancy aside, Bridget went to work.


And returned within the hour. She hadn’t even made it past entry level-fucking chance cards.

Unlike this angry gamer, Bridget simply broke down and cried.


She cried during dinner.


“Hey, Dirk, I know you couldn’t care less about your soon to be stepmother, but I got fired.”

“Cool. Can my girlfriend come over?”

“I just can’t stop reliving it! All of the blood! Everywhere! I scrubbed the blood off those floors like Abraham Lincoln scrubbed slavery off the floors of the American people! Dirk! Are you listening?”

“Can Lilith come over?”



She cried while throwing up.


Dear Diary,

Today, I lost my job, found out I’m pregnant, and Darren’s son could not give half of a shit. Damn it, Dad, this is a lot harder than you’d think it was. That cheesy shit-whatever it is-better be worth it.

Terribly sad,



Lilith had arrived. Bridget, feeling incredibly neglected and a tad depressed and very unemployed, decided to make her presence known.


Dirk really doesn’t seem to approve.


In the meantime, Darren takes his fourth bath that day. He’s making up for their lack of a swimming pool. Soon, Darren, soon.


Bridget’s new maternity wear is nauseatingly matchy.

We should probably get married, she thought hesitantly. After a brief phone call, the party was set for the next day.

With few preparations and a sparse guest list, the wedding party was set in action.


Bridget really doesn’t look too thrilled. In fact, she looks a little ill. The temperature’s fine, as well, though that maternity wedding dress really isn’t.

She thought, idly, of telling Darren about the baby. She’d do it after the wedding, but she was feeling a bit queasy. Another whirl of morning sickness, perhaps?


“You’re really filling out,” said Darren.

“Oh, shit!” cried Bridget.


The aftermath was tragic, but short lived.

Darren fell to the ground, all self confidence in the sewers.


Dirk and Lilith stood in a mutual, shocked silence.


And then decided that they didn’t give a shit.


“You will need to leave,” said Einstein. His thick German accent was a bit difficult to decipher. “Your woman is no good. She left you at your wedding; you need to leave her for good.”

Bridget you crazy bitch.


This is the face of a man who has heard the word of God.


Find own place…check. No one can deny the words of the almighty Einstein.


Bridget was stooped in regret, and also very tired. She could hardly finish a bowl of cereal.

The last days of autumn passed in a blurry haze of crying, late night eating, and a new addition to the family.


No, it wasn’t the baby. Not quite yet.

Consumed by loneliness, Bridget managed to befriend a stray, Andy. He doesn’t pay much attention to her, though she is constantly trying to get his attention.

The leaves soon fell off the trees, and temperatures dropped. Snow began to fall. Bridget was amazed.


“We never saw any of this in Florida!”


How very pregnant of you.

On a sunny morning, Bridget exploded.


Those are some stretchy pants.


Towards the end of her pregnancy, an unexpected visitor stopped by. Bridget, being a knowledge Sim and thus a firm believer in the “Freaky Is Cool” doctrine, recognized his sort immediately. 

And now she wants to be a werewolf. Well, Bridget, I’ll see what I can do, even if you’re sort of a broke as nails sonuvabitch.

Fortunately, that want will have to wait, because here comes the labor pains!

Next time..

What will the baby look like?

Will Bridget get remarried?

Will Andy try to eat the baby?

Will Bridget become a werewolf?

Well, I kind of hope so on that last one. I’ve never played a werewolf. And maybe it’d make her more sympathetic. Bridget is on my bad list right now. Poor Darren.

Thanks for reading!

About Anonymous Miss

Madison was dreamed up a little east of the middle of nowhere, and was assembled a few blocks away from that. As her shelf life has worn on, she has developed a deep love for writing, style, art, emoticons, cute boys, and videogames-particularly The Sims. She hopes you enjoy her humble blog. Cheers. :D
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3 Responses to 1-2: Einstein Makes a Cameo

  1. Shyneia says:

    WOW, Darren brought in quite a bit of money. I don’t think I’ve ever had a Sim moving in with so much cash.

    I do like how you switch between narrative and third person view. I like the light flow of it and easy reading. There was times where I chuckled by Bridget (which is always a good sign!), such as the time she got knocked up, unemployed, ignored by her step son – followed by a night of fire and thieves LOL.

  2. Madcapp says:

    Wow poor Darren!
    I agree. I like the narrative. 🙂

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